One Kick's Gym is located inside Sport Center: 121 E. Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119


Master Nick Blomgren

One Kick Nick Blomgren

Master Nick “One Kick” Blomgren trained under Jason Hann to earn his 5th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He trained under Master Joe Salamoni in the art of North American Gung Fu and Boxing. Master Nick studied Muay Thai at the Sasiprapa Gym in Thailand under Thakoon Pongsupa, and still returns yearly to train. During his fighting career he traveled the world competing and winning many World Championship Titles. Since opening One Kick's Gym in 1993 he has trained many aspiring athletes and helped them reach their personal goals of also becoming World Champion Fighters. Through the years he has also ranked several to Kru and one to Master.


Master Dewey Cooper

Black Kobra Dewey Cooper

Master Dewey "Black Kobra" Cooper began training in Muay Thai as a teen while in CA. In 1994 he started training under Master Nick at One Kick's Gym in Las Vegas. Dewey has an extensive and successful professional fight career worldwide. He has won many various World Championship Titles in the martial art styles of Muay Thai, MMA Kickboxing, and Boxing. In 2008 he was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In 2016 he became a Certified Arjarn (Master Instructor) under Master Nick Blomgren and the United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA). Currently Master Cooper trains professional fighters in his Kobra Striking System out of One Kick's Gym.

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Kru Anthony Njokuani

The Assassin Anthony Njokuani

Anthony Njokuani started his martial arts training at an early age. He trained in Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and later MMA. He began his professional fighting career in 2001 competing in Kickboxing, compiling an impressive record. In 2003 he turned his attention to MMA. Anthony moved to Las Vegas in 2008 to train at One Kick's Gym under Master Nick. He competed in WEC and UFC.  After UFC he returned to Kickboxing and became the Triumphant Middle Weight Champion. Anthony's goal as an instructor at OKG is to build and coach the next generation of fighters to become Champions, and to motivate all our students to live a healthy, active, and physically fit lifestyle.


Kru Anthony Castrejon

Pretty Boy Anthony Castrejon

Anthony "Pretty Boy" Castrejon began training Muay Thai at One Kick's Gym when he was twelve years old. At the time he was running around with some teens that were getting into trouble. Master Nick found out and made him decide between the gym or them. On a handshake and promises to each other Master Nick would mentor Anthony and turn his dream of becoming a World Champion into reality. He became a USMTA International Champion, USMTA Nevada State Champion as well as winning tournaments and World Titles. Anthony trains and competes professionally in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA. He became a Black Prajioud under Master Nick, and completed the Instructor Training Program. It is in his heart to do for others what was done for him. He teaches all ages and levels; helping  others become Champions - in life and in the ring.

Kru Joyce Luna

Kru Joyce Luna

Joyce Luna became a student in the art of Muay Thai in 2008. After competing, she decided to shift her focus on training and learning more about Muay Thai. She joined One Kick's Gym in 2011 and studied the One Kick's Striking System achieving her Black Prajioud in 2015. Joyce continues to train and learn all that she can about Muay Thai, and is motivated to help and support other women at One Kick's Gym. This is where she found her passion for coaching and mentoring. Upon completion of the Instructor Training Program in 2018 Joyce was awarded her Kru Certification by Master Nick Blomgren and the USMTA. Joyce's goal is to continue to help other women learn, understand, and excel in the art of Muay Thai as well as meet their personal fitness goals. She is also getting some of those dedicated young women of One Kick's Gym ready for Muay Thai competitions.   

Kru Jonathan Cosio

Kru Jonathan Cosio

Jonathan "Cisco" Cosio has been training at One Kick's Gym under Master Nick Blomgren since he was ten years old. He joined the gym for fitness as well as to learn how to  live a healthier lifestyle. He immediately fell in love with Muay Thai. Cisco is currently the 2nd youngest student to be ranked as a Black Prajioud under Master Nick. He became the Junior World Champion at 130 lbs. and 135 lbs. in many tournaments. In 2015 Cisco traveled to Thailand with the USMF Team to become a Silver Medalist. Currently he is an Amateur Fighter, but we expect him to become a Professional Fighter before the end of this year. Cisco completed the Instructor Training Program in March of 2019 to achieve Kru status. He enjoys teaching the Kids Muay Thai Class as well as mentoring the kids and teens of OKG. His goal is to be a full time instructor as well as to continue the legacy of OKG.